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ESS offers only the highest quality products from such vendors as: 3PAR, Adaptec, Brocade, Emulex, EMC, Legato, NetApp Qlogic, and VERITAS.

    ESS customers are found in a growing number of applications. At the enterprise level, these include data warehousing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), online transaction processing (OLTP), and other storage network management applications such as LAN-free Backup.

In Internet applications, ESS solutions are used by Internet Service Providers (ISP), Web Portals, and other destination sites to enable e-commerce and rapid data retrieval. In graphics applications, ESS solutions are used in image processing, pre-press, digital video editing, broadcast storage and playback systems used in advertising, broadcasting, and entertainment. There are also a wide variety of vertical applications such as financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, as well as scientific and medical research. All of these applications share the common requirement for high-speed, high availability storage networks which provide large amounts of data used in mission-critical application. This environment is ideally suited for Fibre Channel in general and ESS products and systems in particular.

    Quality Policy
    To ensure that ESS customers are satisfied and our vendor products meet our customer expectations, ESS maintains a strict quality policy. ESS is committed to increasing customer satisfaction by continuous improvement in the accuracy and reliability of our vendors.
    Industry Players
    ESS has long-term relationships and strategic alliances with many of our customers, including 3PAR, Brocade Communications, EDS, EMC, Hitachi Legato, NetAPP, Oracle, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems.
    Our Commitment
    At ESS, we are committed to providing high quality, industry-ready product functionality along with superior customer service and support to meet the needs of our Fibre Channel and IP end-users and customers.
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